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PinCity is a geography quiz game for Android devices, where the goal is to pin cities to their true location on a map. There is a free, ad-supported version, and an inexpensive, ad-free version, which also includes a global leaderboard function powered by Scoreloop.

The first version, 1.00, is now released. It contains the following maps:

  • World capitals – The capitals of the 100 largest UN member states
  • European Union – The 100 most populous "Larger Urban Zones" in the European part of the EU
  • France – The 100 largest "communes" of Metropolitan France
  • Germany – The 100 largest cities
  • United Kingdom – The 100 largest settlements
  • United States – The 100 largest cities in the continental US

There are also two optional map packs available for free download:

  • Scandinavia Map Pack – including maps of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
  • Southern Commonwealth Map Pack – including maps of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Available game languages at this stage are English, German and Swedish. It is also possible to show the names of the cities in their local languages.

The game is possible thanks to the SVG maps uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by (first and foremost) NordNordWest, released under the CC-BY-SA license (or less strict licenses). And the actual push pin was created and made freely available by Fuzzimo.

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